$14,000,000 Joint Venture Equity to finance the acquisition, development and construction of 152 residential units in Oxnard, CA.

Challenge of the assignment:
Persuading a capital partner to invest in a project located in a secondary market with a relatively large number of lots.

Landmark Capital had the resources and the collaboration to analyze the opportunity, identify a qualified investor, assemble the relevant market data to support a significant investment in a secondary market, and provide ongoing support to insure a successful close.

“Coming out of the severe downturn, we have been primarily using internal resources to capitalize our projects. It had come to a point, that in order to meet our growth goals, we needed to expand our capital sources to those more institutional in nature. Landmark Capital approached some select institutional candidates and we were able to consummate a deal with a premier residential equity capital provider. Landmark was also able to exhibit that the Oxnard market, which although considered a secondary market, has compelling attributes that make it attractive for an investor.” Phil Ram, Principal at Ravello Holdings