How The Industry Is Failing Young Professionals

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Traditionally, there has been a void in training for young professionals entering the commercial real estate marketplace, Landmark Capital Advisors’ president and managing director David Kidder tells Enter the Landmark Institute, a program the real estate capital advisory firm designed to educate young professionals entering the real estate marketplace.

The five-week course, scheduled to launch June 1, will be presented by industry leaders and seasoned real estate professionals who will address a range of topics including industry roles and participants, property underwriting fundamentals and analysis of capital cost structure, with an overarching theme of finance and investment across all major asset classes. Weekly meetings will end June 29.

We spoke with Kidder exclusively about the impetus for the program and what he feels has been missing from CRE’s training of its young professionals. What led to the creation of Landmark Institute?

Kidder: This is an idea we have had for quite some time, and we are excited to kick-off the inaugural session on June 1. Our culture at Landmark Capital encourages individual growth, and we have always enjoyed educating young professionals entering the real estate industry. Since most real estate executives are grateful for the individuals that provided informal advice in the early stages of their career, we felt as though our knowledge across assets types and the capital structure could be tailored into a formal training program. Traditionally, there been a void in training for young professionals entering the marketplace. The idea is to fill that gap and educate them as to the nuances across different roles, sectors and asset classes. How do you see the program evolving over time?

Kidder: If our pilot program is successful, we plan to repeat the program in the summer of 2017 and potentially launch an abbreviated session over the winter break. What do you think the CRE industry should be providing its young professionals that it is not currently doing?

Kidder: We hear too many young professionals saying they want to get into “real estate,” yet without having a clear understanding of the different options that may be available to them. As an industry, we could be better at providing exposure to the real estate landscape as a whole, allowing young professionals to focus on career paths that best meet their individual skills, interests and objectives. What else should our readers know about this program?

Kidder: With this formal and sustainable education program, Landmark Capital underscores its commitment to the real estate profession, while giving back to the community by helping friends and clients whose children are entering the workforce. Classes will be held every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Applications are due May 15. For more information on the program, schedule, and application process please email us.