Landmark Links April 5th – Lifeline

Must Read: It hasn’t been much of a secret that mortgage lenders have been struggling of late.  However, according to mortgage data and analytics company Black Knight, approximately 4.9 million US borrowers could likely qualify for a refinance and reduce their interest rate by at least three-quarters of a percentage point, thanks to the recent decline in rates.  That number represents a 50% increase in the size over the past week alone.  If rates stabilize or continue to fall, it will be great news for lenders who haven’t had any in quite a while.


Overstated: Sold underlying economic fundamentals point to US recession fears being overblown at the moment.  See Also: Macro factors to consider as discussion of a recession heats up mostly point towards economic stability.

Bad Idea Jeans: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden proposed an annual tax on unrealized capital gains that would do nothing short of wreak havoc on the US economy.  Thank God this won’t pass (I hope).

Terminal Decline: Big chunks of the US are experiencing demographic decline and targeted immigration policies could help.


Tax Driven: According to Zillow, property values in Opportunity Zones have increased by more than 20% annually while gains outside of the zones are mostly slowing.


Shrinkage: Thriving cities are losing population density in gentrifying areas in part because units are getting combined in old buildings faster than new ones can be built but mainly because people are having less children.

Somewhere In Between: A home may be an investment but don’t expect it to fund your financial goals.


Hope and a Prayer: Tech unicorns are raking in cash in private fundraising and IPOs, yet many are nowhere near profitability (and may never be).  See Also: Lyft’s stock performance since its IPO last week has been less than impressiveAnd: Today’s IPOing companies are much more mature than those that went public in 1999, in the last great IPO boom.

Out of Nowhere: A few short years ago, CBD was an obscure substance that was illegal in most states.  Now its showing up in everything from shampoo, to coffee, to gummy bears and dog treats.

Futile: The FCC has fined robocallers $208 million since 2015.  So far, the agency has only collected $6,790.  There is truly nothing on earth more useless than the national do not call list.

Big Money: Meet the hedge fund making massive returns by offering royalty financing to rappers.

Chart of the Day

Avocado prices are clearly tracking Bitcoin because Millennials.

No photo description available.


Off the Deep End: Elon Musk released a surprise rap single about Harambe the gorilla because apparently 2019 wasn’t strange enough already.

Return to the Scene of the Crime: A man drove a stolen jeep back to the place that he took it from in order to ask if anyone found his missing cellphone because Florida.

I Give Up: Dickinson College removed signs encouraging students to take the stairs to be more fit after a professor who teaches a Fat Studies course (I know what you are thinking and no, this was not an April Fools joke) claimed that they constituted “fat shaming.”.

Road Sodas: Five bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey were found in the golf cart of a drunk driver who was pulled over after nodding off at a red light because Florida.

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