Landmark Links April 9th – Coming For You

Must Read: Fresh off settling with HUD over discrimination charges in the way that it allowed advertisers to target audiences, Facebook is taking aim at the housing industry by building a massive consumer real estate portal.


Rebound: US jobs grew by 196k in March as hiring bounced back and the unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%.

Not Much to See Here: Economic growth is not exciting at the moment but it doesn’t appear to be anything to get too worried about either.


Milestone: The Department of Commerce retail sales report for February found that, for the first time, online purchases took up a larger percentage of all sales than general merchandise (brick and mortar retail).

Mixed Use: CoWorking is coming to shopping centers, increasingly less as a play to fill vacant big boxes and more about offering flexibility and providing a non-traditional office environment.


The Old Normal: Once you take out the housing bubble years, today’s home-ownership rate of 64.4% is well within the historical average. (h/t Doug Jorritsma)

Not Just Here: How the affordable housing crisis is spreading throughout the world.


Panic: Patagonia announced that it would no longer make custom branded vests for companies that do not “prioritize the planet” and finance bros are losing their minds. (h/t Nicole Deermount)

Grade Inflation: Credit scores are likely inflated above where they should be in 2019 thanks to a very long economic expansion.  But See: The top-secret scores that companies use to judge us all.

Extra Benefits: Some companies are wooing younger workers by helping them to pay down their student debt.

Chart of the Day

Consumer debt


Poetic Justice: A rhino poacher was trampled to death by a herd of elephants and then eaten by a pride of hungry lions because karma.  Also because teamwork makes the dream work. (h/t Steve Sims)

Can’t Quit the Game: Minutes after being released from jail, a man was arrested in the parking lot for breaking into cars because Florida.

Let it All Hang Out: A Toledo man was charged with indecent exposure after wearing a t-shirt as shorts in public.  Shockingly, a large amount of alcohol was involved.

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