Landmark Links August 4th – Winter is Coming

What I’m Reading

Winter is Coming: Increased outdoor dining has provided a boost for restaurants across the country as the pandemic greatly restricted indoor service.  But now now that summer is more than half over, restaurant owners – especially those in cold climates – are facing the challenge of losing their outdoor lifeline.

Survival Tactic: Commercial airlines are shifting to cargo transportation as a way to offset plunging passenger revenue during the pandemic.

Insatiable Demand: JLL is out with a new report predicting that growth in e-commerce sales could increase demand for industrial real estate by an additional one billion square feet in the next five years.

Flat Footed: America’s sawmills didn’t see the current pandemic-fueled building boom coming and lumber prices are soaring as they struggle to meet demand.

Virtual Certainty: The pandemic has greatly accelerated the already-underway trend of increased technology adoption in multi-family real estate.  However, it raises a thorny question: who will own all of the personal data being collected?

Chart of the Day

Source: Calculated Risk


Makes Sense: An Australian grocery store owner became so obsessed with coronavirus germs, he set his own store on fire to “kill” them.

Normal Behavior: A blood soaked man jumped onto the hood of a moving truck and tried to bash its windshield in for nearly 9 miles while the driver frantically tried to get him off because Florida.  (h/t Stone James)

Replacement Part: A British man whose penis fell off due to a severe blood infection had a new one built – on his arm.  Depending on how he plays this, its either the best or worst pickup line of all time. (h/t Adam Werblow)

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