Landmark Links March 17th – Greater Good

Must Read: I started writing something longer today but decided against it.  All of the relevant news – financial and otherwise – is about one thing right now and things are changing so quickly that its almost irrelevant by the time that you would read it anyway.  In addition, posting a bunch of stories when the world is so crazy can obscure the most important one.  So, that being said, here’s a data visualization story from Harry Stevens of the Washington Post that gives the best overview that I’ve seen on the impact of social distancing.  It’s a master class in data visualization and the most important thing you will read/view today.

P.S. I still included the WTF section because we could all use a laugh right now.

Chart of the Day

Some much-needed context to all of the madness in the world right now.  Listen to experts, not amateurs.


Extra Fiber: A man tried to eat a stolen debt card when confronted by police because Florida.

Overreaction: People are calling 911 to report toilet paper shortagesbecause most people are morons.

Flattening the Curve: A couple was arrested for having sex outside of a hospital but at least the woman was wearing a mask because Florida.

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